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Professional self-government


The scope of operations of the professional self-government of physicians has been defined in the Act of 2 December 2009 on chambers of physicians.

The members of the professional self-government are physicians and dental practitioners who hold a licence to practise the profession and are registered as members of a regional chamber of physicians and dentists.

The self-government oversees the due practise of these professions within the boundaries of public interest and for its protection.

The self-government of physicians and dentists performs its tasks independently and is subject only to the provisions of the Act.

The self-government of physicians and dentists consists of the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists, 23 regional chambers of physicians and dentists and a separate Military Chamber of Physicians and Dentists.

The basic tasks of the self-government include:

  • custody and supervision over the proper and conscientious practise of the medical professions of physicians and dentists,
  • representing physicians and dentists,
  • integrating the medical circles,
  • cooperating with other institutions in professional development of physicians.

The self-government of physicians and dentists performs its tasks by:

  • establishing principles of professional ethics and deontology binding all physicians and dental practitioners;
  • delivering opinions and presenting conclusions in matters of pre-and postgraduate education of doctors and other medical professions;
  • taking a stance in all matters concerning public health, state health policy and organisation of healthcare, e.g. by expressing opinions about draft legislations;
  • granting the right to practise the profession and recognising qualifications of physicians who are citizens of the Member States of the European Union and who intend to practise their profession in the territory of the Republic of Poland;
  • keeping registers of physicians, the register of other entities performing medical activities within the scope of medical practices and registers of entities who provide postgraduate training for physicians as well as registers of physicians who practise their profession temporarily and occasionally;
  • conducting proceedings concerning professional liability of physicians;
  • suspending and depriving of the right to practise the profession and restricting the practice of the profession;
  • conducting proceedings concerning the inability to practise the profession of a physician and concerning inadequate preparation to practise the profession.

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