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Definition of a health resort (spa)


Health Resort – as defined by the Act of 28 July 2005 on spa treatment, health resorts and protection zones of health resorts and health resort municipalities – it is an area where spa therapy is provided, dedicated for the use and protection of its natural medicinal resources. If a given area meets the above requirements, it obtains the status of a health resort.

In order for a municipality to be recognised as a health resort, the commune has to prepare a health resort study. This document allows to ascertain whether a given area meets the requirements listed in the Spa Act. Subsequently, the Council of Ministers – at the request of the Minister of Health – grants the municipality the status of a health resort. The status of a health resort or a spa protection zone creates the legal and organisational grounds for providing spa treatment in the given area and to carry out recreation and tourist activities.

Polish health resorts operate on the basis of the Spa Act. In order to obtain the status of a health resort, the commune must have:

  • local climate with healing qualities;
  • unique, natural deposits of medicinal resources;
  • Healthcare entities providing services within the scope of spa treatment by highly qualified medical personnel;
  • high standard hospital facilities and sanatorium centres with complete back-up facilities;
  • devices intended for using natural medicinal resources;
  • requirements defined in regulations of the law on environmental protection and shaping of the environment;
  • appropriate area that allows division into spa protection zones;
  • complete technical infrastructure;
  • superlocal importance.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is an office of government administration serving the Minister of Health.

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